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Armagh Business Park 50 Hamiltonsbawn Road Armagh BT60 1DL


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There’s nothing more annoying than when your internet connection keeps disconnecting on you. Especially when your half way through catching up on The Apprentice on BBC iPlayer! Or you have to stay in that one room in your house because you know the internet will work there! 

We are able to assess your internet connection and advise you on the best steps to take to ensure that you always have a strong connection in your home. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing a micro-filter or tweaking the settings on your router. Other times it’s a little more serious & a range extender is required. Either way, if you have an Internet related fault, why not get in touch? We are here to help, and will keep your connected!



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Maybe you need an email address setup, and some training on how to use it? No problem! Feel free to get in touch, and we will assist you.If you are experiencing problems with your email, we have seen it all! Whether you can’t receive email, or can’t send. We can help!